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Professor: Bates S

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Average (33.3%)
Easier (66.7%)

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Evaluation Comments for Bates S

  1. No Comment
  2. If you like Continental Philosophy and enjoy listening to a professor who really knows his stuff (as opposed to a dreadful discussion based Philosophy course, in which you are treated to copious amounts of "late-teen" hubris), then you'll have a ball with this class. I did.
  3. Bates is a genius, it's true. Unfortunately most of the rest of us aren't. And unless you have a genuine appreciation of Hegel (i.e have read all of his major works) you will probably be lost. That is not to say that the class wasn't interesting- just make sure you have adequate background knowledge and be prepared to READ.
  4. This was my first Phil class I ever took, so perhaps that was my mistake. Anyway, I could not understand what was going on. I have heard that Prof. Bates is a genius, but I found the lectures to be very difficult to stay alert and attentive for. I ended up dropping this course a few weeks in.

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