[PHIL 0150]
Introduction to Philosophical Tradition

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Professor: Bates S

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Not Much (27.3%
Average (45.5%)
Valuable (27.3%)


Friendly (36.4%)
Average (45.5%)
Competitive (18.2%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (45.5%)
Average (54.5%)
Fascinating (0%)

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1-2hr (18.2%)
3-5hr (63.6%)
6-8hr (18.2%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (0%)
Average (0%)
Easier (100%)

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Yes (90.9%)
No (9.1%)

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Yes (36.4%)
No (63.6%)

Evaluation Comments for Bates S

  1. incredibly boring, and at 8 am it was a great excuse to miss a class
  2. The professor has a good head on his shoulders, and is passionate and knowledgeable of the material he presents. Yet, he does not incorportate students well into the lecture. I expected more in-class participation and debate from a class based on morality. Overall concepts were interesting with not too much work.
  3. Professor Bates is a sweet man. Unfortunately, that can't compensate for his dull lecturing. If you can manage to take thorough notes, reading is almost not necessary - he does a good job at laying out the material you will need to understand. Good man. Bad class.
  4. Some people consider Bates dry because of how he delivers his lectures, but if you sleep through class, you're really missing out. The problem is, he's incredibly knowledgeable, which has created a rift between him and his students -- we are not yet at his level of mature scholarship -- but he undoubtedly knows his stuff. Also, he has a subtle sense of humor that sneaks into his seemingly dry lectures, and it's worth listening, if only to catch his jokes.
  5. Bate's has an incredible talent of putting every student to sleep. The guy's incredibly smart, but just isn't captivating at all. Pretty easy course, however. Take the class, just not with Bates
  6. OK look. Bates can be boring if you arent careful, or are of a certian type. If you are like me, dont mind sitting in front, and really trying to pay attention, you will notice that he is funny and enthusiastic, but he has an incredibly soothing voice. Also, he is one of the smartest profs at midd. suck it up, this class is a kick intro to phil
  7. If you like philosophy...do it. If not...it's not worth your time. Or the sleep that you'll lose.
  8. I agree with most of thses comments. Stanley Bates is definitely a sweet man but he is very dull. Do not take this class if you are not a morning person! I had to take overly-thorough notes just to stay awake. In the end, this is what Bates loves and you can tell but the lectures and discussuons alike are monotonous and slow.
  9. At first, I was not a big fan of Professor Bates. He was dry and monotone. But as we became more familiar with him through the weeks, his philosophical humor came out. Lectures have the potential to be slow to the point of napping, but they also can be very interesting. Although the teacher is nothing to write home about (good or bad) the material is very interesting if you put in the effort to learn it. In the end, I would advise taking the course, but only if you can't find something you like better.
  10. Material is very interesting. Bates knowledgeable, but he is a dull, dull man.
  11. Bates is a definite sleeper. Good material, covered in a not-so-great manner. But he's very fair on grading, and he doesn't assign too much work This person also suggested: be interesting! Try to lecture less and incorporate students more!

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