[HARC 0101]
Monuments and Ideas

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Professor: Garrison, E

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  1. I almost fell asleep during every class; it is so boring. Professor Garrison is very nice, but it is extremely difficult to know what she expects from you. We wrote two papers, and she is a very harsh grader - partly because she expects us to write like we are professional art historians and secondly because she doesn't explain what is expected (and even if she did, whatever we do wouldn't be enough). I expected this class to be relatively straight forward and easy, but it was anything but those things. I've heard this class is taught by other professors, so try to take it with someone else.
  2. You learn alot about history but the class can be pretty boring. There are two essays and a take home essay exam as well as midterms. Garrison is a really hard essay grader and so grades are lower then you would think they would be. this is an interesting class but I would recommend pass/failing it if your not a great writer.
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  5. Eliza is by far one of the best professors I have had insofar at Midd. She is incredibly kind and willing to sit down talk about the class whenever. Not a Harc major, but Prof. Garrison makes me want to be!

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