[MATH 0225]
Topics in Linear Alg & Diff Eq

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Professor: Abbott, S

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  2. Professor Abbott is fantastic -- he goes out of his way to help his students and make sure that they understand the concepts covered in class. He's very accommodating and reasonable, and I would definitely recommend taking a class with him at some time or another. Still, this class is very challenging and you have to put in a lot of work to be fully comfortable with the material. The class focuses a lot on applications of mathematics in the real world -- waves propagating through water, investment banking and interest rates -- which is really useful.
  3. One of my worst academic experiences at Middlebury. Abbott's lectures are boring, unclear and disorganized. I ended up having to learn almost everything from the book. The worst part of the course however, are the exams. Hardly 50% of the material on the exam will be stuff you have already dealt with in class or in homeworks. Instead most of the questions are hard and require thinking outside the box which Abbott feels is justified considering how 'smart we all are'. I did all the h.w. on time, as well as all the practice questions posted before the exams but still ended up being clueless on most of the mid terms. The material itself is interesting and has a lot of practical applications, but Abbott makes this pure torture.

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