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Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction

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Professor: Kramer, K.

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  2. This class was a bit of a mystery for me. The stories we read were always interesting but Kramer had a hard time getting us all to open up and share our ideas (perhaps it was us and not her). In any case, it's true she does grade on effort and because of this and because I enjoy writing I found this class to be an easy A.
  3. This is a great class if you are interested in reading and writing fiction. Kramer has a dry sense of humor and some people think she is a bit cold or flat but I really liked her. She was pretty good at facilitating class discussions. Take this course!
  4. This class was a nice change of pace: a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and not a heck of a lot of work. In fact, the workload was totally manageable. It was fun writing stories, the poetry being less fun. Kramer is a pretty dull professor, though. She didn't seem to have put a lot of thought into planning the course, or to be particularly committed to it. Best part of the course was definitely the feedback on each other's writing, from peers and from Kramer. I would recommend taking a creative writing course, but I wouldn't want to sit in on any other subject with Kramer because I don't see how she could make it interesting.
  5. I've heard better reviews of this class from other professors, and I've heard better reviews of this professor from other courses. It was slightly boring, and there wasn't much work other than reading to get us to engage. Everyone submitted at least two pieces to be workshopped. Class was essentially the same every time: talk about the assigned short story/poem, then talk about two writing samples from the class. Meh...in a particularly tough semester, it pretty much fell to the very back of my mind. Easy A if you put in the effort.
  6. Prof Kramer graded us on effort . . . understandable, but not entirely fair. She is a little monotone, and the class discussions were boring. She seems to know what she is doing, but is just not open to a lot of modern concepts.
  7. Katie Kramer is one of the best professors in the English department. Her witty insight and extremely knowledgeable understanding of all the authors we read makes this class so interesting. The class atmosphere is very relaxed, all students are required to participate and share everything they write, so keep that in mind if you are shy about reading your work. Kramer is always available for extra help and provides great comments and insight for your papers. Overall, great class I would recommend this to anyone who likes to write and read interesting works.

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