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History of Modern Architecture

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Professor: Hock J

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  3. I do not understand how the first two comments were posted after taking this class with Professor Hock. Placed in a rather dark room, with her soft whispering voice, and a huge class, it is almost impossible to catch everything she says and stay awake in class. I found the material highly interesting with so much potential but this class made me dislike the subject of architecture. Here's an example, her teaching was so quiet that throughout the whole first month, this student kept saying polygamy instead of polychromy...
  4. Great class, really got me interested in architecture. I left the class with a much greater understanding of architectural design, able to notice varying aspects of everyday buildings that I had paid little attention to before. Hock is a good lecturer, although boring at times, and her daily slideshows really help with the visualizing factor. Not too much homework in this class, but there are maybe three 10 page papers and a couple of scattered quizzes. I had a few late nights working on the essays but other than that this class was interesting and relatively stress free. Highly recommended.
  5. Prof. Hock is new to Middlebury but a great addition to the faculty. I took this course my freshman year in order to fulfill an art credit and to explore a nascent interest in our built environment. I developed an inner love for urban planning during the term (stop laughing) and was absolutely ecstatic when I was allowed to explore that field for my paper. Overall, Hock is a very good lecturer, successfully communicating the development of architecture in the last two centuries and engaging students into providing their own opinions. The readings, especially the 2nd tome, Modern Architecture since 1900, can be dense, technical, and just a wee bit overwrought, but the prof explains each in class so don't worry if you can't get your head around Violet, Mies, etc. She's a pretty solid grader, if you do a little bit of studying and look over the slides you should be golden. She asks for one mid-term paper (6 pages) and one final (10-12 pages) as well as a one page response paper on each week's readings. Overall, there wasn't a significant amount of work associated with the class but reading can reach the 200 page a week threshold. If you expect to see you exams and papers back promptly though, just be aware that I have still yet to see my mid-term paper. She is very accessible though and will be happy to meet with you to discuss paper topics or class content. If your interested in architecture, this class is a must.
  6. J. Hock is a sweetheart. She is always available for extra help and is quite lenient with deadlines for papers. The class is a lecture, and can get quite boring at times, however, you will never be quizzed on anything other than what is reviewed in class. Quizzes and papers are relatively easy if you put in the time to memorize slides and do research. Overall I thought this was a pretty laid back class taught by a very knowledgeable and great professor.
  7. The teacher talks so softly in a rather large room that is dimmed that it's almost impossible not to fall asleep. The material is interesting (if you are interested in architecture) but the class won't be as long as this teacher continues her whispers and the room remains warm and dark. This class is boring, including the discussions.

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