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Nature’s Meanings

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Professor: Mitchell D

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  1. take it! don's awesome, and the material is really interesting for the most part
  2. Unfortunately, my class was the last (Spring 2009), as Prof. Mitchell has retired. I am inspired to comment because this was without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, classes I have taken at Middlebury. Prof. Mitchell is so on top of the material, and on top of that he conveys it in an interesting, efficient, and comprehensible manner. I was so surprised how his lectures would end exactly on the dot, as if he had gotten it down pat (he did). The trip to his sheep farm is a great eye-opening tradition. He will be dearly missed by the Middlebury community.
  3. Professor Mitchell is great. This class has been the most interesting for me at Midd. Birthing lambs was a ton of fun, and his lectures are really engaging, often funny and always interesting and imformative. He really does a great job analyzing the books used and connecting them in ways that the class can relate to. Definetely take this class.
  4. Amazing course - not to be missed at Middlebury!
  5. Great lectures. Great books. Great professor. This is actually an interesting english class and if you ever had a little wish that you could have been a hippie in the 1960s, you can live vicariously through Don's lectures.
  6. Mitchell is an awesome lecturer, and pretty good at leading discussion, too. Smart guy, and always presents the material in an interesting way. Exams and response papers are not hard if you do the reading. And birthing the lambs is an incredible experience!
  7. Don Mitchell is an incredible teacher... So many random experiences which make the class interesting, and he knows what he is talking about. There is a decent amount of reading for the class, but most of it is pretty interesting, even for non-ES majors. And you get to birth lambs at his sheep farm, which is awesome. Definitely take this class if you are at all interested - if nothing else, to have a class with him.
  8. Yay for sheep! But watch out-- there may not be lambs born on your watch.
  9. Take this class! You'll get to read some of the very best from the American nature writing cannon, including Emerson, Thoreau, Muir, Dillard, Frost, and others. The reading is great, and Don does a tremendous job of giving interesting lectures and leading lively discussion sections. He is really one of the coolest professors at Midd, and spending a night in his barn birthing lambs with two of my best friends was an awesome experience I'll never forget.

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