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Professor: Garrison, E

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  3. Eliza Garrison has a bad reputation on this campus and I believe it comes from this class. It has been said by other that it is not interesting, she is boring, unknowledgeable, and a bad lecturer. I cannot disagree more with this. It is not her...it is the class itself. Survey is full of tedious material that is only meant for majors. If you are a freshman or interested in art history, take a 200 level. Those course are open to all and are much more interesting. Survey is to give a general background for majors so they can understand the context of upper level courses--it is not necessary for anyone with just an interest. That said, when I took survey Eliza was not the greatest lecturer. You could tell how nervous she was, but after taking a second course with her, I saw great improvement in her confidence and preparation. She is starting to find her footing (she is only a few years out of grad school after all) so it seems silly to base judgement on her teaching abilities from years past. She is not a long standing tenured professor who does the same lecture over and over so her style has not solidified. I should also note that she is the most compassionate professor I have had. She is also willing to do ANYTHING to help you out and will read papers beforehand and hold study sessions for the final and she tries (in a very nerdy, yet endearing) way to make the material as interesting as possible. Although it is a bit strage that she trudges through the Parthenon, but jumps around the podium and squeals with joy when it is Ottonian manuscript day (her specialty). As a major, I found this course very useful mostly because Eliza has very high expectations of her students, even in a 100 level course. We read a lot of very complex academic articles and discussed them at length. She is one of the few professor in the department who will do this and I think it is very important for preparing majors for their thesis. In sum: TAke this class is you are a major, but expect it to be more than a general survey. If you aren't a major, consider a higher level course. Garrison is good professor and she is getting better, but she can do all that much with thi very bland, traditional material.
  4. Eliza is an amazing teacher. True the material can get a little boring and there's probably more covered than need be, it's still a great class. Eliza gives interesting lectures and she is always willing to help regardless of what your problem is. She's the reason I'm a HARC major
  5. The material has the potential to be interesting but some of the readings are just ridiculously dense and boring. If anything, the class turned me off to Art History which is unfair because the subject can be interesting. DONT take this class unless you have to.
  6. If you have the patience to keep up with all the reading and you don't mind deciphering your notes from class, by all means take the class. However, I found Eliza Garrison to be disorganized, uncomfortable in front of the class, and boring to listen to in a dark room for over an hour. She makes potentially interesting material painfull to learn. She is nice, but doesn't know what she is doing.
  7. This class is definetly for someone who wants to be an art history major. If not, you will be extremely bored. The material can get dense towards the end of the semester thus making the final exam difficult. Professor Garrison is by far the nicest instructor i have had at Middlebury. She is willing to help with everything and really works with your needs.
  8. Eliza is an incredibly nice professor and always willing to help students and give extensions. However, she seems to be uncomfortable in lecture. She rarely knows the answers to questions even if they are basic questions. In addition, she relies on participation during lecture to provide insights into many artworks. It seemed that she had a preconceived notion of what grades to give to whom as she gave me the same grade on every paper even though each one was infinitely better than the next. However, she was not a very tough grader. As a HARC major, I would recommend not taking this class if you are not serious about art history.
  9. The material can be a bit dense at times - and I agree with what others have said about this being more for someone who wants to major. It's difficult if you don't understand the context of why these things are important and that often comes from taking upper level courses. That being said, Eliza is amazing. This may not be her finest course but I think it has a lot to do with the amount that needs to be covered and the way in which it needs to be done (so that everyone can grasp some form of why they're looking at the works they're looking at). Eliza really cares that all her students learn from her classes and she will go to any length to help them take at least something away from her courses. She is willing to meet with students whenever or about whatever they need - be it art history or otherwise. You can really tell that she loves teaching and I think it shows in the class. However, like I said, I agree that if you're not going to be a major/minor then take a 200 level class where you get more specific into a time period that seems interesting to you
  10. This class presents interesting information, but Garrison is very annoying in lecture. Only take this class with Garrison if you have a strange affinity for medieval art, and misuses of the word 'like'
  11. Garrison comes off as informal and somewhat unprofessional, but her lectures are well organized. I didn't feel like she ever assigned unnecessary work, and I got a lot out of the general content of the course.
  12. Garrison is awful. She thinks she is awesome which just compounds the fact that she sucks. Her jokes are painful. I would not recommend this course to anyone if you can avoid it. There is so much interesting stuff that is tarnished in my mind because it is associated with her. Oh, and most of the time she responds to in class questions that are anything but basic who, when, where with "sorry, thats not my area of speciality, I'll ask someone" and she never does. Her area of specialty is three years of art in Germany... we covered her area of expertise in 10min in class
  13. Professor Garrison is very nice and friendly, and always available for help. The information can get very tedious at times, and lectures can get quite boring. Because it is a survey class there is a lot of information to learn. The exam was difficult because of the amount of information, bt Professor Garrison is a pretty fair grader.

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