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Survey I

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Professor: Broucke P

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Not Much (16.7%
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Valuable (83.3%)


Friendly (16.7%)
Average (0%)
Competitive (83.3%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (50%)
Average (50%)
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1-2hr (33.3%)
3-5hr (66.7%)
6-8hr (0%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (0%)
Average (33.3%)
Easier (66.7%)

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Yes (100%)
No (0%)

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Yes (83.3%)
No (16.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Broucke P

  1. No Comment
  2. I took HARC 100 with Broucke (it has changed slightly from HARC 110 in that it is the survey of all Western art from the stone age to the present. That said, Broucke is a sweetheart and a very easy grader! The book is beautiful but entirely unncessary; if you attend every lecture you will not have to open it. He only gives two "quizes" (aka a midterm and a final) and these are short (50 minutes tops) and very self-evident to use his words. Basically if you pay attention and review carefully before the exams, you are sure to get an A. They are also not cumulative, a nice touch since we are covering 17,000 years of art.
  3. Take this class! The material is fascinating and Prof. Broucke is an excellent teacher. Daily work is minimal and Prof. Broucke is very helpful with the bigger assignments.
  4. take it
  5. Every lecture seemed the same as the one before it; they never varied in structure or presentation, making lectures very boring. Staring at a slide and having detailed facts about it thrown at you is not a terribly inspiring way to learn. The material, however, if you like art history, can be interesting, and Professor Broucke is good at explaining concepts.
  6. Take this class. It will inspire you to love art history, and professor Broucke is the kindest and most helpful prosfessor you will have at Middlebury College.

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