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The Computing Age

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Professor: Briggs A

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Not Much (18.2%
Average (27.3%)
Valuable (54.5%)


Friendly (27.3%)
Average (36.4%)
Competitive (36.4%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (63.6%)
Average (36.4%)
Fascinating (0%)

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1-2hr (9.1%)
3-5hr (9.1%)
6-8hr (54.5%)
9-11hr (18.2%)
12+ hr (9.1%)

Grade Weighting

Harder (18.2%)
Average (9.1%)
Easier (72.7%)

Adequate Assistance

Yes (81.8%)
No (18.2%)

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Yes (72.7%)
No (27.3%)

Evaluation Comments for Briggs A

  1. teaches you to think in different ways... good for problem solving capabilities. Lectures won't light your world on fire or anything, but Amy is really nice/helpful and there's almost always a TA in the lab to help if you need it. Double sided page for midterms and two double sided pages for the final. homework is time consuming, but readings are not necessary, so it evens out.
  2. This class was great, but Prof. Briggs, although very nice, is boring. The afternoon classes put me to sleep. Once you know the very basics, most of the concepts you can learn by yourself, though the lab sessions are somewhat useful when you have questions. The tests were pretty easy and she lets you have a page of notes, and the homework was time-consuming but mostly enjoyable. A good intro class, but I'd consider taking it with someone else if you're someone that prefers to learn from the teacher and not by yourself.
  3. No Comment
  4. This is one of classes that one should take only if they need to for a major, otherwise the dent in your GPA isn't worth it. And whatever you do...don't be a sucker and take this class in your freshman fall.
  5. I don't know what's wrong w/ you guys, but Amy is never there when you need her! If I had a problem I had to ask the lab administrator cuz she almost always wasn't there during the office hours! I don't know a/b others, but to me one thing that really matters is that the professor is there when you need him/her. When she started teaching the class she seemed more enthusiastic but as we were approaching the end of the semester she really didn't care about it a lot. Some tests are really easy, it's true, but others are not at all easy! If I were you and I wanted to take this class with Amy Briggs I'd think a/b it twice, and ask for others opinions as well.
  6. If you want a nice Computer Science class, with a professor that is always there when you need her, and want to play around w/ Macs and Html and Java, you should definitely take this course. It's really interesting. Plus, homeworks that make you think thoroughly. Plus, Amy is great! She explains us everything until we are clarified w/ a particular problem.
  7. Prof. Briggs was very good at presenting the material in a easily understandable manner. They thing is that the material was really easy. You had to spend some time on HW assignments though. Tests were easy too. It was pretty basic stuff, and there's no reason anyone couldn't do well in this class.
  8. Briggs is very good at distilling the materials, but I felt that everything we learned was very elementary. If you really hope to learn useful things about computers and programming, count on taking more than just CX121. We got as far as very basic Java programming. Other than that, I often found it difficult to stay awake during class and usually became frustrated with my out-of-class work.
  9. This is a great introduction class - perfect for me, coming in with no computer science knowledge or experience. The only thing is, unless you plan to continue in Computer Science or use your new programming skills in some way (which I don't), then it's not very useful. But either way, it's very doable and you get an easy Deductive Reasoning distribution credit.
  10. A great introductory course to the field. I came in with very little understanding of programming but caught on pretty quickly. The course definitely gets harder later in the semester but it's manageable, especially if you have a strong math background. However, I would recommend taking this course with anyone OTHER than Briggs. I thought she did a poor job teaching and I found myself needing to teach myself and use the tutors.
  11. They should rename the course Java 101. The Labs are terribly boring and really difficult. If you don't have friends in the class you are screwed. The lecture are terribly boring The average on the 2nd test was a 75% That should speak for itself

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