[CSCI 0101]
The Computing Age

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Professor: Scharstein D

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Not Much (38.5%
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Boring (36.4%)
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6-8hr (9.1%)
9-11hr (18.2%)
12+ hr (18.2%)

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Harder (40%)
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Easier (60%)

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Evaluation Comments for Scharstein D

  1. Scharstein is the epitome of boring. He is an awful lecturer, enough said. Python is like trying to learn the entire chinese language backward. He is unengaging
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  5. Intro CSCI introduces some very important concepts and gives a lot of useful background on how computers work. Unfortunately Scharstein's lectures are only so-so and the lab tutors are for the most part unhelpful, the result being that most of us rarely felt confident enough to speak up in class. On the other hand, some of the labs are really fascinating.
  7. The class is taught by two profs with makes it really annoying sometimes
  8. A very simple class with very basic programming. If you have any experience in the area, you can probably test out. Still it was an amusing and fun class, especially the programming projects.
  9. I took this for the DED requirement, and I'm not a math kid at all. The class was really, really hard for me--I had to sit next to the tutor for every lab, and I got a pretty bad end grade in the course--but looking back it was super valuable. While I don?t remember how to do any of the code anymore, and if you gave me the first week?s lab I probably couldn?t do it without lots of help, the overall concept of the class has stuck with me really closely. It taught me how computers work, how math is absolutely everywhere in daily life, and cool details like how memory is stored and computer language works. THIS IS NOT A GOOD CLASS TO GET DISTRIBUTIONS OUT OF THE WAY, but if you?re not a math person like me, and you?ve got the patience and some padding in your GPA to take the hit, the class really helps you understand how technology works.
  10. Scharstein's tendency to flip his rat-tail over his should is the single most distracting and aggravating habit I have ever had to withstand from a professor. As for the material, the course is focused almost exclusively on Java programming and becomes very difficult very quickly. Don't get behind, or you will become buddy buddy with the lab tutors.
  11. This course is very straightforward and really is made for anyone...not just a CS major. This course has fun weekly labs which at times can be challenging but several nights a week, a lab tutor is available to help. If you want to learn about computers, not just programming, this is a great course to take.
  12. If you're looking for an introduction to all things computers, don't take this class. On the other hand, if you really enjoy the java programming language, go for it. Unless you're going to be a computer science major, I wouldn't recommend this class. I only passed because I went to the Computer Lab Tutor at least twice a week, and there is no way I'll ever remember, or utilize, any of that programming information ever again.
  13. Scharstein presents the material effectively. Because it is an intro class, some of it is ridiculously simple and boring and some of it is tough, but there is a lot of interesting stuff if you're into computer science. The class isn't that much work, but make sure not to get behind because it builds on itself a lot.

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