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Twentieth Century English Novel

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Professor: Cohen R

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  1. Robert Cohen is a rock star- just see for yourself. My only complaint about this kickass, transformative class is that the reading expectations were unreasonable towards the end of the semester Nobody has time to read a whole Beckett novel during the last week of class.
  2. I adored this class and I loved Cohen even more. He is a sexy beast and a hell of a smart man. He is kind of a hippy--there is no syllabus, just the order of books we have to read. Also, the title of the class is not accurate--we read Hemingway and Kafka as well. But Cohen didn't even remember what he named the class, because he lives in his own world. What an incredible journey with some great books.
  3. Professor Cohen is brilliant. The books are great, but even if you don't like the material, his lecture style is truly amazing to watch. This course was heavy on reading (duh), of which he expects nothing to be under-looked. However, you only had to produce a few short papers for a grade. Highly recommended!
  4. Cohen is the best professor on this campus. 'Jovial' is a good word. He's hilarious and touching and relevant all at once, and the books we read in this class (some of which I'd never heard of before) were all amazing. Take this class or any class with him.
  5. You will love Robert Cohen. I think everyone does. His lectures are engaging and he acts genuinely impressed by every student's comments, which is nice. This class has great books, many of which you may have already read in high-school. There's a lot of reading, but only 2 papers.

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