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Abstract Algebra

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Professor: Bremser P

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Not Much (28.6%
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Average (28.6%)
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12+ hr (14.3%)

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Harder (42.9%)
Average (14.3%)
Easier (42.9%)

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Yes (71.4%)
No (28.6%)

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No (28.6%)

Evaluation Comments for Bremser P

  1. This class was much different than any other math class I've taken. Bremser never lectured. Instead she gave us daily worksheets to do in small groups. This is where all the learning happened. Problem sets were very difficult and time-consuming, but there was only one per week. Both exams were take-home, and virtually impossible.
  2. This is a good way to earn 100k+ per year -- sit by and ask the students to teach themselves! Doesn't matter that she called this lazy method of teaching by some progressive name, the fact is, she is not a good teacher. Particularly, she allows some "clown student" to divert discussion and show off his "profound" knowledge, which essentially did not contribute to learning experiences at all. Most students got so fed up with the clown that they stopped contributing to in-class discussion, i.e. the clown totally poisoned the class atomosphere. Still, Prof somehow got impressed with the clown. Final grade: A- for many students who got perfect scores for homework and final because they didnt score well for "class participation" section, which accounts for 20% of final score. THIS EXPERIENCE TOTALLY DISGUSTS ME.
  3. The above comment is a bit harsh, but not altogether false. Prof Bremser does, in fact, do essentially nothing during class, and the students teach themselves the material. She is there to help answer questions, but does so with only moderate competence. Take it if you need the requirement, but definitely not for the class or prof.
  4. This is a fascinating class. Prof is only a decent lecturer, but she teaches the class in a group format that places little emphasis on lectures. If you like math, you will probably love this class. Just be careful: the class is based entirely on proofs and therefore a lot of time out of class is required.
  5. I am a math major, and I suppose anyone taking this class is as well. The material in the course is essential and central to math, and for that I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to all. With Bremser it took me about half the class to get used to the format: You show up every day and you work in groups. She never lectures and for me this meant that I spent a lot of time not learning. But the weekly problem set is very useful, make sure you don't start it the night before. My two words of advice. Make sure you read the book along with the class, that is where a lot of the learning comes from. And when you do the problem sets, go and find (at least one) classmate and work on it with them, that way it is a lot easier and you learn so much more and spend less time frustrated.
  6. As a math major, I greatly enjoyed this course. It is fairly proof based, so having some experience with proofs, either from high school or a previous college course, would probably be good. The class was taught in a group format, with groups of 3 or 4 working on worksheets in class. Professor Bremser was available to answer questions, but almost never lectured. I didn't have a problem with this format, but I can definitely imagine that some people wouldn't like it - decide before you sign up. All in all, a fun class - I would recommend it to anyone interested in high level math even if it weren't required for the math major.
  7. As people have already said, Bremser isn't the best lecturer, but she only lectures two or three times in this class. The rest of the classes are based around group work and as long as you have a good group, this can be a great way to stay on top of the material and figure a lot out yourselves without simply being told things by the professor. By the time you get to the weekly homework assignments, even if you start the day before (*cough*), you'll realize, "Hey, I actually DO know how to do this stuff!" The midterm and the final were definitely challenging, but challenging in the best way so that I learned a lot from them. And she gives great feedback on proofs! All in all, if you have to take this class because you're a math major, I do HIGHLY recommend taking it with Bremser. She really wants everyone to learn.

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