[ARBC 0302]
Advanced Arabic II

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Professor: Soltan, U.

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  1. This was my least favorite Arabic class thusfar. The first half and the second half of the class felt very different to me. In short, I found the first half of the class to be awful and ridiculously stressful, while the second half of the class improved somewhat, if for no other reason than all of the students in the class joked about how ridiculous things were. I felt that Usama expected way more from us in terms of writing skill, grammar, and comprehension of Arabic than we should reasonably know, but wasn't willing to go over things that clearly a large number of people in the class did not understand. Additionally, he did not spend very much time teaching grammar concepts, but still expected us to understand them fully. It's possibly that Usama will improve, and it's very odd, because in the past I've quite liked him as a teacher. Overall, though, at least to me (and, it's possibly that this is just due to my lack of skill in Arabic), I felt that the demands placed on my by Usama in this class were unreasonable.

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