[CLAS 0102]
Beginning Latin II

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  1. Star is the brand new prof for the Classics Department and he is incredible. The thing that gets me is the amount of time he spends outside of class to make sure his classes go well. I can tell he spends a lot of time making handouts and correcting papers. This class is really demanding: 2 hours of homework a night. But you do end up learning a lot, and even if you are struggling to translate Catullus (a pretty funny author) he doesn't make you feel bad. All in all, a really nice guy who always has his office door open.
  2. Great professor and to be completely frank, without Professor Star, this class would have been absolutely the worst. He made it much more bearable if not enjoyable with his facts as well as his great way of teaching language concepts of Catullus and Cicero. Keep up the translations and the readings (also review often) so that during the finals week, you will be alright. Will definitely continue Latin because of the great department.
  3. Great professor although the material does pile up in terms of all the different uses of the cases if you have not had previous exposure to Latin. However, he is very patient and willing to review with you. Because of the small class size, it's impossible not to get personal attention with your homework and performance
  4. Star is one of the coolest professors at Middlebury, and he knows tons of stuff about etymology, history, etc which makes learning Latin all the more interesting
  5. Great class!

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