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Roman Philosophy

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  1. Star is a homie. Great dude. Offers help if you need it and gives great lectures. His Exams and papers are very fair and test you on what he has taught you. He is a great speaker and really engages the class. Class itself is very interesting and opens your eyes on different ways of thinking. Highly recommend.
  2. This class was so great, and Star is the perfect professor. He's so engaged in his students' learning and is always available when you need him! His grading was more than fair, perhaps a little generous, and luckily 99% of the writing for him is opinionated!
  3. No Comment
  4. No Comment
  5. Star is the greatest professor at Middleubyr. Do not miss the chance to take a class with him. Inspired me to take more classics courses. We are truly blessed to have him at Midd
  6. I love Chris Star! He is my absolute favorite professor at Midd. His lectures are fascinating, he is a fair grader, and he is always willing to meet with students. He has the ability to make ancient Roman texts seem so interesting that at times I didn't want lecture to end. The class consisted of one midterm exam, one final paper, and a final exam. In addition, we had weekly discussion sections in which we had to write a one to two page response on the weekly reading. This facilitated discussions and helps you stay on top of your reading. Star is awesome. Take this class!
  7. Star is the most amazing professor. He pulls you into topics that you may not even think you like in the first place. He's very engaging

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