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Rise & Fall of Roman Republic

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  1. Star is a very knowledgeable and friendly person. For the amount of work I put into it (didn't do any of the reading past the first week and instead read wikipedia articles), I got an A-, which means that if you have the slightest interest/aptitude in history then the class is going to be very easy. Only 2 short essays (2-3 pages), a final essay (6 pages?), and the midterm and final, which were very easy. I honestly wish I had tried harder in the class because it was a fascinating subject and the prof was great.
  2. No Comment
  3. Star is a really friendly guy and he managed to make the class interesting to a science major.
  4. Star is an amazing professor. He'll get you interested in the material, no matter what your background. Although a background definitely helps--sometimes the class would focus on very technical details about a specific Latin work, and it was easier to stay interested for those who had a better understanding of Latin literature and Roman mythology/history. But that didn't happen so often, and, more generally, the class was always engaging; Star is a very witty guy and a terrifically compelling professor.
  5. I myself am not that interesting in the Classics and took this course to learn something new, however if you really like the material, he is a great professor. He is enthusiastic and tries to engage the entire class in discussion. His tests aren't impossible and you don't have to memorize exact dates. He is flexible with the essay topics. Overall, it was a good experience and I definitely don't regret taking the class.
  6. Professor Star is a great teacher. I signed up for this class because I needed to fill up my schedule and, at the time, I was not very interested in the classics. I am know considering a possible minor in this department. Star's lectures are well thought out and you should find it very easy to participate in his class. This class consisted of two tests, a paper, and either a second paper or a project.

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