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Literature of the Roman Empire

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  1. This was my favorite course of the semester. Star is a great professor and is very effective in presenting works of Roman literature against the historical context of the Empire. I took the class as CW and the professor was always readily available to help with my papers and even handed back a typed up outline of suggestions after the first draft of each paper. There was a lot of reading for the course, but if you keep up with it, the whole picture of the Roman Empire comes together in a very interesting way. Professor Star made me interested in Classics, and I truly felt like I got a lot out of the course.
  2. Although there is a lot of reading in this class, it is all very interesting. Prof Star is an amazing professor! His lectures are fascinating and he provides an excellent historical background to understand the literature. In short, Professor Star made me want to major in classics.
  3. Fantastic course. After a brief background on the history of Rome, the course begins with the rise of Augustus and mainly focuses on the Julio-Claudian emperors though it extends into the Flavians a bit. This course is technically a literature course, but really the discussions and lectures encompas history and culture with the literature serving as a base. Star is an animated, energetic professor who engages the class during lectures and always attempts to elicit knowledge, ideas, theories, and opinions throughout the class. For every discussion you are expected to write a discussion question and answer it, which means that falling behind in the reading is virtually impossible. Non-classics majors would feel comfortable, but even as a senior classical studies major the class is still stimulating and interesting.

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