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Natural Science and the Environment

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Professor: Costanza-Robinson, Molly

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Not Much (26.3%
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Friendly (36.8%)
Average (52.6%)
Competitive (10.5%)

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Boring (21.1%)
Average (68.4%)
Fascinating (10.5%)

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1-2hr (0%)
3-5hr (15.8%)
6-8hr (52.6%)
9-11hr (31.6%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (73.7%)
Average (0%)
Easier (26.3%)

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Yes (94.7%)
No (5.3%)

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Yes (26.3%)
No (73.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Costanza-Robinson, Molly

  1. Molly is really nice although VERY picky about formatting. TRIPLE CHECK margins, commas in citations, etc or she WILL take points off. Mark is awesome, although he can be a bit passive aggressive. Labs are awesome but make sure you at least skim the reading and remember the big ideas, and ASK QUESTIONS in lab. Also citation in lab reports are important. THis course is a lot of busywork, and you'll often have work for both lecture and lab due at the same time, but its interesting and you get to go outside on some awesome labs.
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  5. I think that the exam questions are unreasonable, the grading harsh, the assignments excessive and not helpful, and though both seem nice, I would not take this class. You leave every day having learned nothing, but with a lot of homework. Professor Robinson can be mean sometimes too, and is often unreasonable and not clear. The grading is not fair, and you do a lot of work for little knowledge and bad grades.
  6. It was hard to stay awake at 8:00. We spent most of our class time reviewing material or homework from outside of class rather than having discussions or projects that could be supplemented by readings and homework. The teacher seemed more interested in nit-picky details than the demonstartion of knowledge (CHECK your margins on every assignment or she'll take you down). Despite the problems I had, the material was still pretty interesting and lab was fun.
  7. Take it with someone else.
  8. I loved both Molly and Marc, but honestly, this class was the bane of my semester. I had more assignments in this class than all of my other classes combined. I felt very frusterated by the boringly easy class lectures/ harsh grading scale. Overall though, the material was interesting and great to learn, but not worth the headaches, late nights and cramming.
  9. The material in this course should be very interesting and engaging instead it is presented in a very boring manner. The readins for the class are mostly journal articles, and the lectures often consist of a graph being projected and talked about for fifteen minutes. Also, this course requires a lot of tedious assignments, and the lab reports are ridiculous. Take this course, but with a different professor.
  10. This course should be very interesting and engaging. Instead, Professor Costanza-Robinson bores the class with tons of eres papers and puts graphs on the projector and talks about them. She is easily the weakest professor I have had in my time here in many ways. She is not good at conveying ideas... meaning she is inarticulate and not engaging. She assigns more work than is necessary for a course of this nature, including papers that she spends much time explaining and we spend much time writing, but only end up being worht 3.33 percent of the final grade. She also does not coordinate assignments well with herself and with the lab professor, often scheduling quizzes the days the papers or labs are due. Lapin for lab is fine, when he lectures he is monotone, but the labs are often fun and interesting except when you are in a computer lab for three hours. I would recommend taking this course with anyone else besides Molly unless you enjoy getting four points off of essays because the margin default on your computer is 1 and a quarter and she wants to be the only professor to actually measure your margins. Labs are also very time consuming and not very well explained, so it takes a lot of investigation to write up a semblance of a good report, usually without even understanding much of the material. This class should not put your to sleep and could be presented in a fascinating way, but her style of teaching is just generally ineffective. The students in the class had a friendly atmosphere, but professor robinson did not always foster it and was sometimes unhelpful.
  11. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone, but with a different teacher.
  12. Take this class with a different professor
  13. The class was super detail oriented, but it was often detail that the class didn't know which showed up on the exams! Lectures were really easy to follow but the exams were a lot harder. Molly was an alright teacher but obviously a chemist based on her meticulous questions. This class could have connected to the broader world better given the topics we covered..
  14. ES 112 was an interesting class but I'd highly recommend anyone to take this class with another professor. Although Molly is very nice, her way of teaching is just not for me. She is brilliant yet she might not be very clear in explaining some fundamental concepts. Because of her chemistry background, Molly might have allocated more time in explaining chemical reactions and chose to focus more on the chemical aspect of ES, which is not what I am most interested in. Molly assigns a good amount of readings, reading reports, and concept maps. I definitely felt like I spend a lot more time and effort studying for this class then any one of my other three classes. However, the lab was fun and quite easy - take it with Professor Marc Lapin! Overall, good intro class but pick the right professors!
  15. Do NOT take this class with Prof. Costanza-Robinson. Her lectures are terribly boring, her grading is unfair, and the workload is extensive. Do yourself a favor and take it with someone else.
  16. Molly is very particular and detail oriented on the exams, which was frustrating at times. Lab is a good amount of work too, but interesting.
  17. I liked the class and Constanza is a pretty good professor. She is always open to questions and opinions. And during office hours she really helps. The material of this course is rather broad, just another intro class I guess. Constanza is great and really tries to help student understand the material, the course was the less interesting part of the whole experience.
  18. Don't take this class unless you are an ES major. Professor Costanza robinson was nice but the class was really boring when it shouldn't have been. The information in the text book was simple and basically common sense and all of the material that was tested on was based on the articles she assigns for class. Reading reports were annoying and time consuming as well. Very particular about formatting. Professor Lapin was the only reason I didn't completely despise this class. He is great and a bit of a hippy nature guy. Labs were generally interesting but the writeups were terrible. Labs were not explained well and required a lot of outside research which garnered little further understanding. Very glad I got this class out of the way.
  19. Molly is terrible. I am an ES major and would have been completely turned off to the subject if I had not taken previous courses in this area. There is a lot of BS work, and Molly loves picking on small minute details. At least ? of the class did not like her which is unfortunate. Lapin is a good guy, he is a little boring but he is very helpful and the lab was interesting. Take it with a different prof than Molly!

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