[ENVS 0112]
Natural Science and the Environment

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Professor: Ryan

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Not Much (11.1%
Average (55.6%)
Valuable (33.3%)


Friendly (44.4%)
Average (11.1%)
Competitive (44.4%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (44.4%)
Average (55.6%)
Fascinating (0%)

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1-2hr (22.2%)
3-5hr (33.3%)
6-8hr (44.4%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (22.2%)
Average (0%)
Easier (77.8%)

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Yes (88.9%)
No (11.1%)

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Yes (55.6%)
No (44.4%)

Evaluation Comments for Ryan

  1. No Comment
  2. I really enjoyed the subject matter of this class and I think Ryan's easy going energy was part of the reason. Although lecture could have been more stimulating sometimes, I thought he presented the material very well. Ryan is a geology professor so this class is pretty much from a geology perspective which I thought was relavent and interesting.
  3. Overall, I found this class to be redundant considering I had a background in biology and chemistry. Ryan is a nice guy but most of the time he didn't seem to know what he was talking about and had difficultly answering even simple questions posed to him.
  4. Prof Ryan is a nice guy but struggled to present the information so it was clear. Often overcomplicated things. Good grader. Class itself is really boring and tedious. If youve taken any earth science or enivormental studies in high school this will all be an annoying tedious review.
  5. Professor Ryan was great. He really knows his stuff, is very friendly and welcoming of questions, and presented the material very clearly in my opinion. I learned quite a bit from this, my first ES class, and would definitely recommend it to a friend. The only downside was the lab... it was tiresome, sometimes confusing, stressful when it came to lab reports, and boring most of the time. Professor Lapin was too harsh. If the lab was changed and the lecture kept the same, I would gladly tell my past self to take this course.
  6. Get the science requirement done
  7. Pete Ryan is a total space cadet. He's great as a geology professor, but when it comes to creating a comprehensive, interesting introduction to Environmental Studies, he's not your man. If you're not going to be an ES major, don't take this class.
  8. Professor Ryan's lectures were very, very good. Professor Gaudette's labs were long, tedious, and somewhat boring. I would suggest taking this class if someone else teaches the labs. The course material is your basic collection of environmental issues. Prof. Ryan is very knowledgeable of the issues and he's a great person. This person also suggested: More labs with Professor Ryan.
  9. Lecture could have been more stimulating; readings did not need to be completed to understand the lecture or for any other part of the course. Lab was a waste of time: poorly run, tedious, and it did not help my education very much. I would take another course with Peter Ryan, not Mary Gaudette.

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