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Natural Science and the Environment

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Professor: Lapin M

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Evaluation Comments for Lapin M

  1. Marc is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had. He is nice, caring and understanding and he genuinely loves what he does. I always looked forward for his labs and even if I missed one, because I was sick, I decided to skip another class and go to his class. His views about the environment are fascinating; he believes that environmental science is not just the science and we should also think about the various social, aesthetic and economic aspects of it, and I found that view really powerful. He does not feed you answers, if you go to him for help, but instead he tries to subtly guide you towards them, and that way you learn a lot. At the beginning of his classes, he makes you close your eyes and think about nature and how it influences you life. He also reads you poems about nature. The labs with him aren't just science, but they are about how to use science to promote nature. He is a nice guy to go and talk to, and he cares about getting to know you as a person. I wish that he taught other classes; if he ever does, I'm definitely going to take it! All in all, if you are passionate about science and want to learn how to apply science to everyday life, Marc would be the perfect professor to learn from!
  2. Marc Lapin is such a sweet man and extremely helpful and understanding when you visit him outside class. His lab reports are time consuming only because he cannot help but be influenced by the ways Trombulak; however they are graded fairly, a characteristic not of Trombulak's teaching style.
  3. Lab with Marc Lapin: I really enjoyed this course. Marc is a great professor, very knowledgable, interesting, and engaging. Also just a really nice, understanding guy. Although labs were long, it was usually a very chill atmosphere - walks in the woods, sampling water, contemplations of nature, etc. I wish I could take another class with him.
  4. Take the lab with Professor Lapin! He is quite fair in grading. He gives out clear instructions for his lab reports. He also likes it when you use your brain and come up with original (and of course logical) findings - don't always copy what's in the textbook or what he has said in labs. If you have taken other labs at Midd, this one would definitely feel comparatively easier. Professor Lapin's voice is monotone so sometimes classes can be a bit boring, but he tries hard to get everyone engaged by designing fun experiments and all kinds of field trips. He is extremely nice - be sure to find/email him if you have any questions regarding your lab reports (he will give you hints)!!! He is a chill guy - his favorite activity is having us to contemplate in the woods/classroom/car/by the creek!
  5. The lab reports were graded extremely unfairly. There have been multiple instances where comments were made that the hypothesis was not answered, when the final sentence in the lab report explicitly answers those questions. Hogwash grading. The lecture with Professor Ryan was terrific though.
  6. I love lapin!!!! He is an amazing professor and person. He truly understands that there is more to environmental science than hard science and tries to really bring that to class. I think he does an amazing job of it. I really loved labs and I highly recommend this class. He is a tough grader and expects a lot...however in the end it is not about the grade!
  7. Lapin is great. He can be mildly disorganized at times, but overall he is very grounded in the work he is doing and he knows his stuff. He is also genuinely invested in teaching. Take this class with Lapin if you can. He's brilliant and he's fair. And sometimes he brings his dog in.
  8. Prof. Lapin is a nice guy but not helpful if you struggle with sciences. If you need to get a science credit take astronomy/astrology and not this class. Anybody who has ever seen An Inconvenient Truth or who has any knowledge about the eniviroment will be bored as hell on this tedious work.
  9. Professor Lapin is nice to your face and I guess he would be extremely helpful and nice if you were already proficient in sciences. However,he is exacting and harsh in his evaluation of class performance, in his grading, and in his comments. He is, in my opinion, too harsh on students in this entry-level science class. It seems as if he expects all students to already be well-versed in scientific language and procedure and proves to be very unhelpful if you are not. He expects everyone to be as in love with the subject as him, even if this is the very first ES class they have ever taken. The lecture with Prof. Ryan was great; very interesting. But lab was tiresome, stressful (the lab reports were horrible) and overall very unsatisfying.

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