[IGST 0101]
Intro to International & Global Studies

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Professor: Stroup, S

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Evaluation Comments for Stroup, S

  1. This class really served as an advertisement for other prof... Each class was a lecture by a different prof. on a completely different part of the world/concept than the prof. before. If you take this, don't do the readings, they are a waste of time.
  2. Highly incoherent oversized course. It has longest most boring reading I have ever been assigned. None of the lectures or readings relate to each other in any way.
  3. Do not take any classes with stroup, she grades much harder than she should and gives more work than is necessary, she often talks at students instead of with them and even when I went to talk about papers with her she still was fairly unhelpful. Overall I learned very little from her class and took a major gpa hit in it despite working my a** off. She can be nice, but I believe that she compensates for being a young teacher by being overly harsh
  4. The class is really broad and it gets terribly fustrating to only spend 50 minutes on topics as big as China and Development in Latin America. We end up having to divide our Friday discussions with two of such topics and we really don't get to study anything in depth. Prof Stroup is quite good, definitely motivated by what she is teaching. It is hard for us students to get into it however. I would recommend taking specific classes on the topics that interest you rather than taking this class.
  5. The class itself is pointless, go to a guest lecture, take a seminar, do anything BUT this class, unless its required for your major. I took the class hoping to explore different case studies, and focus in on a region/issue of interest. Instead, I spent the time staring at the wall while intelligent professors tried to fit their entire life philosophy into the word "globalization" for an hour using oversimplified vocabulary and never getting any where. Stroup seems like an intelligent person, and genuine in her enthusiasm for humanitarian action, I've heard that her smaller classes were engaging, but in a big lecture class, she came off (along side every other guest lecturer) as too general, and not really getting anywhere.
  6. Some of the lectures were really interesting but I wasn't sure what the point of some of them were. Stoup is very enthusiatic and tries to be engaging but the readings are long and don't add much. Overall an interesting class but kinda scattered.

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