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Intro to International & Global Studies

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Professor: Barrow, I.

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  3. Barrow and Ramaswamy are interesting lecturers and present the material well. The class is a great way to get an overview of several different disciplines, which might make course selection clearer later on. Their guest lecturers were sometimes boring and their lectures irrelevent but also help give you a way to know more about different profs. All in all, a good class.
  4. An exciting class focused on the big picture. I enjoyed the progression of topics and the perpetual multidisciplinary connections. This class is perfect for anyone interested in seeing the world through more than one lens. I would highly recommend this class, as it is my favorite of all the classes I've taken at middlebury.
  5. Professor Barrow is very good in his lectures and the humanities part is excellently done. The social sciences section though is pretty awful, too basic.
  6. Prof. Barrow is a nice guy, but the class really had no hope to begin with. It tries to cover way too much material (read: insane amounts of reading) and has a ton of guest lecturers, some of which were really bad. I'm not sure what the solution to this class is, but nobody seemed to like the way it is now. If you're a freshman, it might be a good intro class, though, because you're introduced to absolutely everything in very small doses.
  7. Barrow is nice but boring, knows a lot but gotta make progress upon his teaching skills.
  8. Barrow's a really sweet guy, and he will attempt to portray issues with a moderate worldview. The other professor, though, was insanely partisan and made the class a lot less fun. I guess it's hit or miss depending on who the other prof. is.
  9. IS 101 has undergone many changes and is truly not a bad class at all. You do cover many topics in a short amount of time, but the course is designed to give you BASIC overview. There is a ton of reading each week!!! I did learn a lot that was of value ( about the Middle East, environmentalism, Latin America) which inspired me to take other courses in those subjects. Prof Barrow is has an incredibly quiet voice; I sometimes found myself straining my ears to hear what he was saying! Both Rosenberg and Barrow are very approachable and know what they're talking about when they lecture. I liked that the class brought in many different lecturers, I found it kept things different and most of the lecturers were very good.
  10. Unfortunately this class is required for all International Studies majors. The class would be fine for someone who does not yet know what they are interested in since it samples many different disciplines, but for someone that knows what they are interested in the class was a waste of time. There is a lot of reading, usually between 50 and 100 pages each night, but no textbooks, all the material is on e-reserves. I must give credit to the teachers, it is a hard subject to teach, since no two lectures are on the same subject, so it jumps around all academic disciplines, and Barrow did his best to make the class interesting. If you know you want to major in IS, take the course early, otherwise don't bother with it.

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