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Intro to International & Global Studies

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Professor: Rosenberg D

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  4. This was by far the least valuable class I took at Middlebury and actually made me change my major from IS to something else. The lectures are big and the material is vague-- if you have taken an intro social science (esp Polisci) class, you have probably already covered the topics== "globalization" and "colonization" in much more detail. Rosenberg is a very friendly person, but his discussion sections are worthless. We spent most of the time "locating ourselves" on various scales of support for the globalization, etc, than covering the topics in more detail, which would have been useless. I would only recommend this class for first semester freshmen. I took it as a sophomore. Also, I thought the grading system was deficient. We only had three graded things the whole semester, two of which were in class essay exams, each on very very very big topics. How can one condense ones thoughts on globalization into 8 pages of a blue book? Maybe this class would have been better with another professor, but in the end it made me afraid of the IS major being full of practically meaningless fluff.
  5. I loved Professor Rosenberg as a teacher, and this course was one of my favorites at Midd so far. Rosenberg had a great way of keeping discussions going; he's kind, patient, and he's more than willing to assist with assignments (sometimes he'd practically give students their theses for their papers). The course covers a lot of material, perhaps too much; I would have liked to go in further depth in some of the topics instead of glossing over all of them. All of the readings were fascinating; it's a class worth taking.
  6. Unless you are going to be an IS major, DO NOT take this class. It is boringly presented, poorly formatted, and redundant if you read the nytimes and have taken a few internationally oriented classes at Midd. Maybe it'd be better as a freshman, I took it as a sophomore and was extremely bored. So... I guess take it if you need to, and if you know you may want to be and IS major, take it as a freshman, and don't let it discourage you- IS is an awesome major, the into to IS is the worst class I have taken at Midd.

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