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Foundations of English Literature

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Professor: Skubikowski

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Not Much (12.5%
Average (62.5%)
Valuable (25%)


Friendly (25%)
Average (50%)
Competitive (25%)

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Boring (50%)
Average (50%)
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1-2hr (12.5%)
3-5hr (62.5%)
6-8hr (25%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (25%)
Average (12.5%)
Easier (62.5%)

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Evaluation Comments for Skubikowski

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  2. With the material was very interesting, I didn't really like the professor's approach to the texts. I also didn't like having to have pre-essay-writing meetings. As I took the class as a sophomore, I feel I knew how to write an essay and would ask for help if I needed it.
  3. Average class. I felt the evaluation was a little strange. I got the same grade for a paper I wrote overnight and one I spent over a week on. Sometimes discussion lagged, but overall, it was fairly interesting.
  4. No need to do the reading, because Prof. Skubikowski will read most of it aloud in class, or have students do it. Discussion of the texts is limited to what aligns with her (often simplistic) thesis, and discussion from one chapter to the next repeats itself. If you can, take this class with a different professor.
  5. The chocolate milkshake wasn't as tasty as I thought it would be; I blame the lack of energy in the class, not Prof. Skubikowski, on my impression of 204. The professor is well-versed in both the literature and history of each author and their time period, which adds to the exegetical analysis of the texts. 2 papers, 1 final paper, no tests, plenty to read. Chaucer's version is not modern english!
  6. Professor Skubikowski will teach you how to write. That is probaby the most valuable thing to be gained from this class. She is not the most engaging professor in the classroom, but classes and discussions are still interesting. She's very organized and encourages students to meet with her outside of class, especially to go over writing.
  7. Prof Skubikowski was interesting most of the time, but when reading Chaucer or Milton, I felt as though she merely read aloud for a good period of the class. Otherwise, the class was interesting and discussions were always valuable.
  8. This class was lacking a little because professor Skubikowski didn't make enough of an effort to keep the conversation going, I felt like people would make obvious comments and they would be received with awe. But I really really learned a lot and I think her grading system is good. I enjoyed reading some material that can be kind of dull at times!
  9. Skubikowski is a very nice person. She makes you meet with you after each paper which at first was annoying but if you show her you understand your mistakes willmost likely get you a better grade in the class. This is a requirement, and the discussions sometimes felt like a high school class. You didnt have to do ther eadings to do well in the class. Theres one paper on each book, 3 in all, anda 5 minute presentation. pretty average class.

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