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Calculus II

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  1. I absolutely loved Calc II with Dorman. One of my favorite professors that I've had so far. He was truly invested in getting us to understand Calc on a basic level but was not out to kill us on the tests (for one quiz, when the class wasnt adequately prepared, he even left a sample problem up on the board for us to use). During tests, he'd even let you ask questions or if you were really stuck, he would give you a hint. He had weekly quizzes which were helpful because they kept you on top of the material. 3 midterms and a final. Quirky sense of humor but i enjoyed going to class each day. Very clear in lecture, gave time to go over the nightly homework, and was very clear about what would and would not be on the tests. I earned an A in the class but it did take lots of work. If you are willing to do more practice problems than what is required and go to office hours, it is a very manageable and reasonable class.

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